Denise Levy, BSW

Denise recently ran a webinar on Empowering Confidence for a  few select clients and received such amazing raving reviews that she decided to turn it into an On Demand 2-Hour Online Workshop that is scheduled to be released before the end of August. 

This is workshop contains much of the same content Denise shared in her presentation for the Women Empowering Woman group she spoke at in June for the local Chamber of Commerce where she also received incredible feedback!

Pre-Register today and you will be notified when The Empowering Confidence Workshop is launched later this month.  
What YOU Will Learn in The Workshop:
How Empowerment Can Increase Your Confidence.
The 2 Big Shifts YOU Must Make to Increase Confidence.
Why Confidence Matters in Business & Life.
How to Go from Dis-Empowered to Empowered.
Why Low Confidence Inhibits Action.
The Secrets to Becoming More Confident.
The Confident Mindset.
Confidence Breeds & Stems From Taking Action.
Thoughts + Skills = Confidence & Confidence = Success!
The A B C’s of Building Confidence.
Why Most People Fail When They Want to Change Their Lives and Be More Confident.
How Intuition Plays a Role in Life & in Confidence.
How to Tap Into Your Full Potential at Any Given Time.
How Coaching Actually Works.

The Workshop Includes:

20 Actionable Tips, Tools, Hacks & Techniques to Increase Your Confidence.

6 Mental Exercises to Help YOU Build Confidence.

Examining & Overcoming Limiting & Mistaken Beliefs.
Policing Your Thoughts with Counter Statements.
The Mirror Exercise.
The Full Potential Exercise.
The Anchor Exercise.
Mindfulness and Meditation Guidelines.

Bonus: Mental Exercise Downloads Will Be Available
at The End of The Workshop!

(You must watch to the very end to receive your bonus gifts.)


Also Included for FREE:

The Life Balance Workbook.
An Opportunity for Singles.
Mini Coaching Session:  15 Minute Clarity Call via Live Video Chat.

Just for Attending You Will Have Access to Discounted Offers:

3 Month Coaching Program - 40% Off!
E-course - 20% Off!
FREE Mini Coaching Session:  15 Minute Clarity Call via Live Video Chat!

Location:  Online! 
Attend from the comfort of your own home. 

‚ÄčDate & Time:  On Demand! 
Scheduled for release before the end of August!

Price:  FREE to the 1st 100 People to Register! 

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